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Internationalization (i18n) allows any custom theme to be translated into any number of languages. Some customers have run their referral program in 11 parallel languages, all managed through the Referral SaaSquatch custom theme engine.

  • Internationalization
  • Internationalisierung
  • 国际化
  • 국제화
  • интернационализация
  • միջազգայնացման

Internationalization is the process of translating your referral program into multiple languages, and uses custom themes to manage all the strings, HTML and CSS attached. Internationalization uses 5 parts, as follows:

🔗 A Simple Example

Say we wanted to translated a single string like Give a free month to a friend.

Somewhere this would be in your custom theme, like so:

    Give a free month to a friend

This would need to use the i18n helper.

    {{i18n "callToAction"}}

callToAction = Give a free month to a friend

Then to translate the file, we'd just need to include a separate .properties file. For example, if your loaded Squatch.js or the mobile webview using locale=fr, it would use the messages from the file.


callToAction = Donnez un mois gratuit à un ami

So, the final rendered result in French would look like so:

    Donnez un mois gratuit à un ami