SaaSquatch Help Center

The SaaSquatch portal allows you to bulk delete users from your SaaSquatch project.

Warning: Participant deletion is an irreversible, permanent action that impacts all share links, referrals, events, and analytics connected to the deleted participant. Deleted data is not recoverable. Before starting the deletion process, we recommend confirming that all users in your upload file should be permanently erased from SaaSquatch. See our document on Participant Deletion for more information, or contact our Support team.

🔗 Bulk User Delete

Delete existing users in bulk.

  1. Head to your SaaSquatch account.
  2. In the upper left corner of your SaaSquatch account select either your Live or Test tenant.
  3. Click "Analytics" in the upper header of your SaaSquatch account.
  4. Click "Reports" in the navigation.
  5. Click "Import" on the right side of the Reports page.
  6. Select "Delete Users" from the Import Type section.
  7. Click "Select & Upload" and choose the file to import.
  8. Click "Start Import" to begin the import.
  9. The participants are now deleted.

🔗 Upload Format & Recommendations

  • SaaSquatch accepts bulk user deletes submitted in .csv or .jsonl file formats.
  • Fields are case sensitive.
  • It is recommended that each import does not exceed 500,000 entries.
  • Please reference our sample CSV import file and sample JSONL import file.

🔗 Fields

Bulk user deletes require only an id and accountId for the users to be deleted, and have some optional fields depending on the behaviour required.

Field Type Description
accountId Required string The unique identifier of the Account that this user belongs to.
id Required string The unique identifier provided for this user.
preserveEmptyAccount boolean If the user's account is left with no users, by default the account will be deleted. If set, this field will result in the empty account being preserved. This will override the global Preserve Empty Accounts setting for the import job for this row specifically.
doNotTrack boolean Specify true if you would like this user to be deleted with the Do Not Track setting set. This will override the global Do Not Track setting for the import job for this row specifically.

🔗 Results

When your upload completes you will receive an email notifying you of the result.

You can download import results from the Reports page within the Analytics section.

Please Note: Download links will expire after 30 days.

🔗 Errors

If any non-fatal errors are encountered during the import, then a results file will be generated.

The errors file includes entries for each error that occurred, including the row number of the record (from the initial import file) that failed, and any associated error messages.

In the unlikely event that a fatal system error occurs and the import is interrupted, then the import will appear as aborted and will not recover. Please our Success Team for further assistance.