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Set a spending goal and reward your users when they reach it.


A VIP loyalty rewards program helps you identify, track, and reward the top customers of your product or service, ultimately increasing brand awareness and advocacy to encourage purchases from both frequent and first-time buyers.

VIP programs make your customers feel special as they reach an elite status with your brand. This new social status, combined with unique rewards attainable by only a select few, incentivizes customers to remain loyal brand advocates.

🔗 Example:

A company is trying to increase their customers' average order amount from $150 to $200.

The company launches a VIP program that offers a $25 store credit to any customer who spends over $200 in a single month.

🔗 Features:

  • Specify a timeframe for earning rewards and achieving VIP status.
  • Define the action(s) that must be completed to earn the reward.
  • Rewards can be earned only when the goal is reached the first time, or every time the goal is reached.
  • Target specific customer segments.
  • Customize the email to notify users when they get a reward.
  • Customize the widget for users to track progress and rewards.