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Profile Completion

Improve marketing campaigns by learning more about your users.


A profile completion reward program is a great way to learn more about your users, and thank them for providing more information. Simply decide what information must be filled out to earn a reward, and choose what customers receive when they’ve completed their profile.

When customers invest time and effort into filling out their profile, they become more committed to your product or service, reducing the potential for churn. Plus, you’re equipped with the data to better personalize each user’s experience.

🔗 Example:

A visual design software tool wants to provide their customers with better feature suggestions to tailor the user experience.

The company launches a profile completion program that gives users a free month’s subscription if they fill out their entire user profile including selecting their skill level, goals, and preferred design style.

🔗 Features:

  • Select what user profile information must be filled out to get rewarded.
  • Specify the reward earned when a profile is completed.
  • Customize the email to notify users when they get a reward.