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SaaSquatch's Stripe integration uses Stripe Connect to automatically fulfill credit rewards as balance adjustments on a customer's account in Stripe.

This guide will walk you through how to set up the Stripe integration.

🔗 Overview

What you'll need to do to setup your Stripe Integration:

  1. Connect Stripe
  2. Configure the Stripe Integration
  3. Configure your reward program in SaaSquatch
  4. Connect SaaSquatch Users with their matching Stripe Customer IDs

🔗 Connect Stripe

The first step is to grant your SaaSquatch Account access to your Stripe Account's Live and Test modes by using Stripe Connect.

Test Mode vs. Live Mode: Your SaaSquatch program provides both a live and test tenant. The test mode can be used in conjunction with Stripe's Test Mode to test reward fulfillment before deploying to your production environments on SaaSquatch and Stripe.

To authorize your SaaSquatch Live and Test Tenants with the respective Stripe Account Live and Test modes:

  1. In the SaaSquatch Admin Portal, go to __Settings > Integrations.
    • Note: We recommend setting up the integration in your test tenant first. Make sure that you are linking your SaaSquatch Test Tenant with Test Mode in Stripe and your SaaSquatch Live Tenant with Live Mode in Stripe.
  2. Expand the Stripe integration card and click Enable Stripe.
  3. Click the Connect to Stripe button, which will open a pop-up window prompting you to login with your Stripe credentials. This will authorize SaaSquatch to add credit to your customer accounts in Stripe.
  4. Repeat the same process in both your Test and Live Tenants on SaaSquatch.

🔗 Configure Stripe

After you've connected your Stripe Integration, you'll need to configure the currencies you wish to fulfill via Stripe. If no configuration is set, rewards will not be sent to Stripe. You can have the integration fulfill any currency by selecting "All Currencies" or pick one or more specific currencies to fulfill. We recommend picking the currency of your customer's subscriptions.

Any currencies you choose will be associated with the program reward unit CREDIT/{CURRENCY_CODE}.

A Few Examples:

These are all based on the assumption that the recipient of the reward is linked with a valid Stripe Customer ID.

  1. If you selected USD as your currency, then any program configured to reward CREDIT/USD will be automatically fulfilled by Stripe.
  2. If you selected CAD for Stripe, then a program configured to reward CREDIT/CAD will be automatically fulfilled by Stripe, but NOT a program configured to reward CREDIT/USD.
  3. If you selected BOTH CAD and USD then programs configured to reward CREDIT/CAD and CREDIT/USD will both be fulfilled by Stripe. A Program configured to reward CREDIT/JPY would not.
  4. If you have selected All Currencies in your Stripe integration, then all CREDIT/CURRENCY_CODE will be automatically fulfilled by Stripe. Based on the above examples, this would include the programs configured to reward CREDIT/USD, CREDIT/CAD, and CREDIT/JPY. This setting will support any valid ISO 4217 currency code.

🔗 Custom Stripe Reward Units

The Stripe Integration supports fulfillment of alternative reward units in addition to CREDIT as long as it is specificed in the Stripe Configuration and a valid currency code is appended. For example, instead of using CREDIT/USD you could use SPECIAL/USD.

To do so, navigate to the Stripe Configurator in the Integrations tab and select "Custom" rather than "Currency" from the drop-down menu. You can then add SPECIAL as the custom unit that accepts all currencies, or SPECIAL/USD or SPECIAL/CAD if you would like to specify the currency accepted. As with the standard CREDIT/ unit, custom units will accept any valid ISO 4217 currency code.

🔗 Configure your SaaSquatch Programs

If you would like one of your programs in SaaSquatch to issue rewards that are automatically fulfilled by Stripe, you will need to configure the unit for the reward to match what you configured Stripe to look for. This is done using the Custom reward unit using the following steps:

  1. In the SaaSquatch Admin Portal, go to Rewards > Reward Units.
  2. Create a reward unit.
  3. Choose the Custom reward unit type.
  4. If you have selected a standard currency (i.e. USD) when configuring Stripe, then you will add CREDIT/USD as the custom reward unit. The pattern is CREDIT/{CURRENCY_CODE} for rewards to be picked up by Stripe.
  5. If you selected a Custom unit when configuring Stripe, you will need to utilize that unit if you want Stripe to automatically fulfill the reward. Using the above examples, in the Custom unit field of your program, you would enter SPECIAL/USD.

🔗 Applicable Reward Types/Fulfillment

Stripe Integration currently only supports fulfillment of credit reward types and does not yet support fulfillment of percentage discounts. Unsupported rewards will be ignored by Stripe and go unfulfilled.

While SaaSquatch recommends using the custom reward units as outlined above, it is possible to use the Dollar reward unit with Stripe. To do so, return to the Stripe configuration and select Custom instead of Currency and put CENTS/USD into the field. Note that using this setup will only support USD as the currency.

🔗 Connect SaaSquatch Users

In order for a customer to have their rewards fulfilled by Stripe, you must link their SaaSquatch User Account with their Stripe Customer ID (e.g. cus_FpRWZEB4b77zAI).

To do so, perform a user upsert and include the Stripe Customer ID as a customer user field named stripeCustomerId. As an example: stripeCustomerID: "cus_FpRWZEB4b77zAI".

As an API Call, an example user upsert that includes the stripeCustomerId field might look like:

  "id": "ABC_123",
  "accountId": "ABC_123",
  "customFields": {
    "stripeCustomerId": "cus_FpRWZEB4b77zAI"

Note: Stripe is not able to retroactively fulfill rewards, so be sure to add the Stripe Customer ID to your SaaSquatch users before they might be issued rewards.

To confirm a user reward has been fulfilled by Stripe, sign into your SaaSquatch portal and visit the rewarded user's profile. If the reward was fulfilled by Stripe, you will see a fulfillment note beside the reward status. In Stripe you see an Adjustment corresponding to the customer's reward under their Customer Balance.