SaaSquatch Help Center

The SaaSquatch Android SDK integrates a referral program into your Android app.

The SaaSquatch Android SDK gives you complete control of the look and feel of your referral program on mobile devices. The Android SDK provides the flexibility to work directly with the data from your program and display it in your mobile app.

With our SDK you can register your users with SaaSquatch, track users referrals, and fetch user information such referral codes, referral links, and rewards. You can also use as much or as little of the SDK as you like.

Our mobile SDK has been designed to be part of a hybrid mobile device implimentation. Client-side SDK elements are used in conjuction with server-side REST API functionality for the most complete, and secure, solution.

The nature of the hybrid combination of mobile client and server for our SDK means that there are certain limitations to be aware of. Please read through the documentation for the SDK carefully to understand the capabilities of the SDK.

Note: The mobile SDK does not currently support payment provider programs.

🔗 Next Steps

Our Android SDK Readme provides a walkthrough of installing the Android SDK as well as detailed explinations of common usage cases with code examples.

🔗 Additional Resources

Our SDK can also be used with our Branch integration to provide an exceptional first user experience with a personalized landing page.

The github repository for the SaaSquatch Android SDK is also available for reference.

We also have a SaaSquatch Java SDK to provide additional context.