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Win Back

Reactivate idle users with special offers.


A win back program re-engages lapsed or quiet customers by offering a reward if they do a specific action, such as re-activating a subscription or completing a new purchase.

This can be used to target old customers who haven’t made a purchase in a certain number of days or months, people who expressed interest but never bought, or even those who have explicitly cancelled their subscription.

🔗 Example:

A company that delivers groceries to customers on a weekly basis wants to increase revenue by ensuring that orders are consistent.

The company launches a win back program to send a $10 credit to a customer if they haven't placed an order in the last month.

🔗 Features:

  • Set the amount of time after last purchase/cancellation to reward a user.
  • Choose to reward customers one time or every time they haven’t purchased within your time frame.
  • Target specific customer segments.
  • Customize the email sent to users when their reward is ready to use.