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Points Rewards

Give points to your users for making purchases.


Launch a points program to encourage valuable customer behavior by creating formulas that determine exactly how many points are awarded for each type of action, and what points can be redeemed for.

Engage customers across the entire lifecycle by stacking multiple triggers that give people different point amounts for different kinds of actions.

When users are rewarded with points for shopping and other profitable behavior, the positive reinforcement turns these actions into a habit and builds loyalty with your brand.

🔗 Example:

An online video game platform lets users earn points by making purchases, playing with friends, or completing missions in various games. Points can be redeemed for rewards like exclusive games, discounts, or in-app items.

This boosts engagement and expands their network of loyal gamers.

🔗 Features:

  • Reward a set number of points for specific actions such as downloading your app or referring a friend.
  • Reward a dynamic number of points based upon the value of an action such as the amount of a purchase.
  • Reward points for a variety of different actions in the same program.
  • Customize the widget for customers to track their points earnings.
  • Define the period of time during which points can be earned.