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Widgets are participants’ main way to access and use your referral or loyalty program. SaaSquatch offers two main types of widgets: instant access and verified widgets. All of our widgets can be customized to align with your branding and personalized with individual participants’ information.

For clients who aren’t able to use widgets, we offer microsites.

This guide explains our widget types and how you can use them in your program. For additional information about creating and personalizing widgets, check out the Building Programs > Program Widget and Developer Resources categories on our docs site.

🔗 Verified access widgets

Verified access widgets provide a robust, in-app experience for your referral or loyalty participants, including their reward and referral history, Reward Exchange or PayPal cash payouts, and other features. To protect your participants’ personal information, we recommend displaying this widget only to those who have signed in to your product.

We offer three templates for verified access widgets: referral, loyalty, and referral + loyalty for clients with both types of programs.

🔗 Instant access widgets

Instant access widgets give your participants a simple way to engage with your referral program–without signing into your product or service. They’re available for clients using the current version of the SaaSquatch platform (post-2019). Because instant access widgets don't require authentication, your participants don’t need to sign in to share their share link or access specific rewards. For security and ease of use, instant access widgets don’t contain sensitive or personal information like referral and reward history.

This widget type is most useful for referral programs in the ecommerce and retail spaces.

Use case: As a company in the ecommerce space, you want to incorporate Give $5, Get $5 rewards into your checkout flow. By using the website referral widget, a participant can access and send out their referral link after they complete their order. A friend who clicks on the share link will see the friend widget, where they can enter their email address in order to claim their coupon code for $5 off their next purchase. Next, the participant who referred the friend receives an email letting them know they have $5 off their next order because their friend claimed a reward.

🔗 Website referral widget

Allow your participants to quickly access their personal share link with just their email address—no password required. We recommend placing this widget on an easily accessible webpage, like your program’s landing page, or incorporating it into a checkout flow.

website referral widget

🔗 Friend widget

Display this widget when your referrer’s friends click on their share link. The friend widget can be set up to issue a coupon code reward when the friend provides their email address.

If you don’t want to issue a reward right away, then you can use the friend widget to collect participant details like email address. Then, you can reward them for later purchases or actions they take.

friend widget