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Team up with brand champions to boost sales and acquire new users.


If you’re looking for more ways to find new clients, a partner program lets you link up with third-party advocates such as other businesses, affiliates, or influencers to help widen your reach and amplify your message.

This helps you strengthen your sales force and lower acquisition costs by letting brand champions, corporate partners and resellers sell for you, in exchange for a commission or other reward.

🔗 Example:

A project management SaaS platform runs a partner program inviting users to sell their product to other businesses in exchange for a percentage commission.

Candidates apply online to outline their goals and describe what makes them a good fit for the partnership. Once approved, partners commit to delivering at least four customers per year in exchange for cash payouts, discounts, and other incentives.

🔗 Features:

  • Automatically reward partners through commissions, points, or a custom reward of your choosing.
  • Let partners log in to a branded portal to track the status of their referrals.
  • Manage your spending with refund periods so partners aren’t overpaid when your customers are refunded.
  • Set a time period during which partners can earn rewards.
  • Customize the email sent to any referred user that receives a reward.
  • Customize the widget or portal for partners to track their rewards.
  • Customize the social messaging for partners to use.
  • Set up W-9 Tax Compliance (United States).