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Get your existing users to sign-up new users.

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🔗 Why run this program:

Customer Acquisition Cost by having customers advertise to friends
Word of Mouth by encouraging conversations around your brand
Revenue by expanding your customer base
Customer Lifetime Value

🔗 Example:

A company's main product starts at a cost of $600 and lasts customers 10 years. It is trying to increase revenue through new customers.

The company launches a referral program. When a customer refers a new user who spends at least $600, the referring customer is rewarded with a $55 gift card.

In the first 3 months, this program had 283 referrals that ended in a purchase and caused over $100,000 in revenue to be generated.

🔗 Features:

  • Convert a referral on their first purchase. *
  • Set a minimum value for a purchase to convert a referral.
  • Set a maximum number of rewards a referral can get.
  • Choose if referred user will get a reward. If they will, it can be on referral or on their first purchase. *
  • Choose a user event which can cancel the reward from a referral.
  • Customize share links for referrals.
  • Customize emails for starting a referral and when rewards are given.
  • Customize widgets for both sides of a referral to monitor referrals.
  • Customize social messaging.

* Advanced settings are available to convert a referral on a custom field or event.