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Learn about Growth Automation and how it significantly changes the way consumer marketers attract, win, and retain customers.

Simply put, Growth Automation is a strategy for growing your customer lifetime value through automated growth programs.

The promise of Growth Automation is the combination of modern marketing techniques and technical advancements in a single, affordable, platform that allows marketers to engage with their customers directly, and with more relevance, than previously possible.

Growth Automation is a strategy for automatically increasing customer lifetime value with lifecycle marketing programs which combine individualized special offers, omni-channel engagements and artificial intelligence.

- defines Growth Automation as being comprised of the following 4 primary values:

1. The individual customer over the average customer
2. Programs over one off campaigns
3. Customer lifetime value over one more purchase
4. Working programs over creative campaigns

Want to learn more? Watch the video below in which Will Fraser, SaaSquatch CEO and our Growth Automation Expert, explains what Growth Automation is and how you can use it to boost your business.

🔗 Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is the key to Growth Automation; as opposed to the beliefs of traditional acquisition marketing, acquiring a new customer is about more than just a single purchase.

Growth Automation strategies increase the amount a customer spends with you from their initial acquisition all the way through to retention. This way of thinking about customers is not new, and has already been adopted by companies selling everything from high-tech subscription services to bricks-and-mortar stores like Starbucks. Despite the number of companies wanting to use Growth Automation strategies, current digital marketing tools do very little to help marketers create programs specifically to increase lifetime value.

SaaSquatch's Growth Automation Platform helps you increase customer lifetime value by empowering you to be able to select, configure, and deploy customized growth programs which individually target each of your customers as they progress through the customer lifecycle, all without custom development.

Learn more about the components that make up the Customer Lifecycle, and how the SaaSquatch system helps you target each of them.

🔗 Programs over Campaigns

Growth Automation and lifecycle marketing is all about a never-ending customer loop, and that idea doesn't fit with the idea of running short-term campaigns. These long-running programs are intended to continiously add value, grow your revenue, and add customers to your platform for the life of your business.

The SaaSquatch Growth Automation Platform is built around the idea that continually-running programs, and not just one-off campaigns, should be how customer lifecycle management is handled.

Learn more about the benefits of Programs over Campaigns by watching the video below:

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🔗 Individualized Data

In the modern marketing climate it has become more important than ever to think of Customer Marketing on a person-by-person basis.

For example: There is no point extending an offer to someone who already purchases at full price every week. Additionally, if a customer has been looking at your product, and is known to respond to discounts of 20% or more, then there is no value in offering them a 10% discount.

With the SaaSquatch Growth Automation Platform you can engage all your customers individually by presenting the right offer at the right time, all while maximizing customer lifetime value.

Learn more about how the SaaSquatch system enables you to tailor your program engagment based on information about your customers, and their actions.

🔗 Additional Resources

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