SaaSquatch Help Center

Publicly available widget JS API at window.widget.rpc = widget.rpc || {};

🔗 Methods

🔗 ready

API call that indicates when the event bus has loaded and can begin accepting publish requests. It accepts an anonymous JavaScript function to be called when initialized.

widget.rpc.ready(function() { 
    /* code to execute now the event bus has initialized */ 
🔗 publish

API call that publishes an event of type eventName with an optional payload "payload" containing data to be received by any Squatch JS listeners. The payload can be a string or JSON object.

widget.rpc.publish(String eventName, [Object payload]);

🔗 Example

widget.rpc.ready(function() {
    $(‘#changeURL’).click(function() {
        widget.rpc.publish(“changeUrl”, { url : "" });