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account_status: {{accountStatus}} is not a valid value. Possible values are PAID, TRAIL, FREE or CANCELLED.

Classic only This error will only be seen in a classic referral program.

🔗 Tips To Fix This

  • Use a valid value for account_status (one of PAID, TRAIL, FREE or CANCELLED)
  • account_status is an optional parameter and can be excluded if not explicitly being set.
  • Do not include account_status on a Payment Provider program.

🔗 Why is This Happening?

The account_status parameter only accepts PAID, TRAIL, FREE or CANCELLED as valid options. Make sure that you have not mis-spelled one of these options.

Also it's important to remember that account_status is an optional field and can be left out if not being changed. This will leave the value as whatever it was last set to. If you have never set a value then it will default to TRIAL.