SaaSquatch Help Center

An unexpected error occurred while communicating with your payment system. This could be due to some unexpected downtime by the company who hosts your payment system or invalidated access credentials.

Classic only This error will only be seen in a classic referral program.

🔗 Tips To Fix This

  • Please try again. This is most likely a temporary communication issue between SaaSquatch's servers and the servers of the company that hosts your payment system.
  • Recheck that your Payment Provider is correctly connected to your SaaSquatch Account. Confirm that the Payment Provider API keys listed on the Install page in the SaaSquatch portal match those listed in your Payment Provider Account.

🔗 Why is This Happening?

This error can happen when your payment system (e.g. Stripe, Recurly, Braintree or Zuora) is having a temporary connection issue with their servers or data center. Most often these connectivity issues are temporary and service is restored quickly.

In some cases this problem might be due to some invalidated account credentials, a longer term outage of the payment system or some other sort of unexpected case while communicating with your payment system.