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For security reasons you must include a checksum when payment_provider_id is set to null.

Classic only This error will only be seen in a classic referral program.

🔗 Tips To Fix This

🔗 Why is This Happening?

When you're using a JavaScript library like squatch.js, the calls are visible in the client-side webpage code. With this information it could be possible for someone to manipulate requests your site is making to SaaSquatch. For example, someone could potentially abuse your system by setting account_status: "PAID" and generate an un-earned reward.

To prevent this, we require a checksum or JWT as a security measure. As part of generating this checksum or JWT on your server you use your Referral SaaSquatch API key which is not available in the client-side code. This means requests to our system with a correct checksum or JWT can be confirmed to have come from an approved source.

Check out our Signed Requests page to find out more about when these types of requests are required, how to turn them on/off, and how to generate a checksum or JWT.