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Set a custom subdomain for your SaaSquatch Microsite to align with your brand.

🔗 What is a SaaSquatch Microsite?

SaaSquatch Microsites allow your affiliates or customers to sign up and have access to the referral widget. This is ideal when participants referring in your program would not have access to an account on your program (Such as affiliates). Learn more about Setting up a Microsite Here.

🔗 Connect a Custom Subdomain to your SaaSquatch Microsite

You can set a custom domain to more closely align with your brand. For instance, you could have

  1. Head to your domain register.
  2. In your DNS settings for your chosen domain, Add this DNS record:
    • Record type: CNAME
    • Host (Name): example (Enter your preferred subdomain here)
    • Value:
    • TTL: Automatic, or 1 Hour.
  3. Contact your Success team, notifying them you have configured the CNAME record for your SaaSquatch Microsite.
  4. The Solutions Architect will complete the connection of the custom domain to your Microsite.

🔗 Configure a reverse proxy for your SaaSquatch Microsite

In advanced cases, where you cannot modify your DNS to add the CNAME record to, or wish to manage your own TLS certificate, you can host a reverse proxy to

This option requires extra setup and infrastructure to be hosted by your technical team. The reverse proxy should be configured to:

  1. Reverse proxy all requests to your custom domain to
  2. Sent the Host header with your custom domain along with all requests, for example Host:
  3. As SaaSquatch will not have a signed certificate for your custom domain, your reverse proxy will have to accept the default certificate for when proxying requests.