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🔗 1. Send data from SaaSquatch as a source / stream in Segment

The Segment Source can assist with use cases such as tracking referral codes in other systems, triggering other workflows when referrals happen, triggering fulfillment processes for loyalty credits or rewards, and so on.

🔗 2. Send data to SaaSquatch as a destination / subscription in Segment.

The Segment destination makes it faster and easier to get user data into SaaSquatch. This data can be used to achieve things such as registering users, tracking users, converting referrals, and triggering loyalty programs.

The Segment destination consumes data sent from Segment to the SaaSquatch APIs for tracking events and upserting users.

Segment SaaSquatch
Identify Upsert User
Track Track User Event and Upsert User

For a detailed mapping of fields and installation instructions, see our Subscription Tech Reference.