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Walk-through on how to install SaaSquatch for Salesforce™ in your organization.

SaaSquatch for Salesforce™ is what Salesforce calls a "Composite Application" because it consists of two parts:

  • A Managed Package consisting of Custom Objects, Custom Fields, Triggers, Reports and other components that will be installed into your Salesforce organization
  • A synchronization service that automatically syncs information from SaaSquatch into Salesforce

The SaaSquatch Install Wizard is going to be your friend. The wizard walks you through all the steps required to install the Managed Package and configuring the synchronization service.

What to expect:

  • You'll need to be a Salesforce Administrator to complete these steps
  • You may want to use your Salesforce Sandbox
  • The user that completes these steps will be the default owner of SaaSquatch custom objects
  • You should have a base understanding of Salesforce and SaaSquatch to complete these steps

What is not covered:

  • How to setup your SaaSquatch account -- Talk to your account manager
  • How to configure Salesforce page layouts -- That's in the next step
  • How to setup a Salesforce Sandbox -- Complete the Salesforce Trailhead Trails for Admins

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