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Win Back

Reactivate idle users with special offers.


🔗 Why run this program:

Churn by winning back your lost customers
Revenue by sending rewards to inactive customers
Customer Lifetime Value by keeping customers longer

🔗 Example:

A company that delivers groceries to customers on a weekly basis wants to increase revenue by ensuring that orders are consistent.

The company launches a Win Back Program to send a $10 credit to a customer if they haven't placed an order in the last month.

🔗 Features:

  • Set amount of time after last purchase to reward a user.*
  • Choose a date to start this program.
  • Set to reward either once or every time they haven’t purchase in your time frame.
  • Target specific segment(s)
  • Customizable email send to user that signed up and was rewarded.

* Advanced settings are available for a custom user action not being done in a specified time frame being rewarded.