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Set a spending goal and reward your users when they reach it.


🔗 Why run this program:

Churn by giving customers more social status with your brand
Word of Mouth by talk about the great rewards and deals you give
Engagement by giving users a purchase goal
Revenue by giving incentives for repeat purchases
Customer Lifetime Value by rewarding for frequent, high-value purchases

🔗 Example:

A company is trying to increase their customers' average order amount from $150 to $200.

The company launches a VIP program that offers a $25 store credit to any customer who spends over $200 in a single month.

🔗 Features:

  • Timeframe for earning rewards.
  • Purchase amount required to get rewards.*
  • Only allowing purchases of one currency to be rewarded.
  • Rewards can be once when goal is reached, or every time the goal is reached.
  • Target specific segment(s).
  • Customizable email to notifiy users when they get a reward.
  • Customizable widget for users to track progress and rewards.

* Advanced settings are available for a custom user action being rewarded.