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Team up with brand champions to boost sales and acquire new users.


🔗 Why run this program:

Customer Acquisition Cost
Churn by linking your brand to a well loved brand champion
Word of Mouth by partners driving social sharing of promotion
Customer Lifetime Value
Traffic by enlisting your partners following

🔗 Example:

A retail company has a strong brand and loyal following and wants to acquire more customers to increase revenue.

The company launches a Partner Program where they provide social media influencers with a discount code that their followers can use to receive 10% their next purchase. When a purchase is made using the code, the partner earns 10% of the purchase value in the form of a cash reward.

🔗 Features:

  • Give partners a % of the purchases they bring in or a standard reward for each purchase.
  • Delay reward until a refund window has passed.
  • Set a time period during which partners can earn rewards.
  • Set a reward that the partner can promote.
  • Customizable email sent to any referred user that receives a reward.
  • Customizable widget for partners to track their rewards.
  • Customizable widget for someone referred by a partner to get their unique code.
  • Customizable social messaging for partners to use.