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The Segment source speeds up integrating SaaSquatch with other tools in your marketing and analytics stack and can help with use cases such as tracking referral codes in other systems, triggering other workflows when referrals happen, and triggering fulfillment processes for loyalty credits or rewards.

Beta Program - Version 2 of the SaaSquatch for Segment integration is part of our Beta Program. Please contact our Success Team for more information.

Source / Stream Destination / Subscription Web Plugin
Segment Integration Documentation
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🔗 Installing the Segment Source

  1. Login to the SaaSquatch Portal

  2. Go to your Integrations page

  3. Enable the Segment integration.

Segment Integration

Note: You must have the Segment integration enabled for your tenant by SaaSquatch before the option will show up on this page.

  1. Login to your Segment account

  2. Create a new HTTP API source.

Segment HTTP API Source

  1. Copy the Write Key

Segment Write Key

  1. Paste the Write Key into SaaSquatch.

  2. (Optional) Enable/disable event types to be sent

Segment Source Webhooks

🔗 Data sent to Segment

The data that gets sent to Segment is based on the SaaSquatch webhooks. Each webhooks maps to an event type in Segment and can be enabled or disabled individually.

SaaSquatch Webhook Name Segment Event Name
referral.created Referral Created
reward.created Reward Created
user.created Identify