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How to perform or log manual and one-time actions for a participant through the SaaSquatch Portal.

Occasionally an individual action like a purchase, reward or referral attribution will need to entered manually into the SaaSquatch system. These can be addressed within the SaaSquatch portal itself without any need for Developer or Support team intervention.

The SaaSquatch portal allows you to add additional rewards, purchases and referral attributions to a participant on a case by case basis. These actions will be incorporated into your system automatically as part of your existing program, instantly creating attribution between users and generating the specified rewards, or, if applicable, triggering conversions and rewards as outlined in your program rules.

🔗 Find the User

You can perform or log any Manual or One-Time action within the participant's profile in the SaaSquatch Portal:

  1. Head to the Participant section in the SaaSquatch Portal via the main navigation.
  2. In the search Box, enter the participant's name, email, or SaaSquatch User ID.

    Search For Participant

  3. When you locate the user you want to work with in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile.

🔗 Add a Single Reward

  1. Scroll to the list of rewards for the participant.
  2. Click on the plus+ button to the right.

Add Manual Reward

  1. Select the type of appropriate reward: Percentage, Dollar, Time or Custom.
  2. Enter the amount to be rewarded and click the "Add" button.
🔗 Reward Details:
  1. Select the type of reward. In most cases you will want to select the reward your program is already set up to distribute, making the notification for this manual reward compatible with the messaging of your program and the widget displayed to the customer.
  2. Input the reward amount can then be customized.
  3. If you would like to issue a type of reward not covered by the available pre-configured options, please refer to custom rewards below.
🔗 Custom Rewards:

Our One-time Rewards functionality also supports giving out rewards of a type other than your Program Default, Percentage, Dollar, or Time, including those of a custom type. These Custom Rewards could be anything from a free car-wash to a branded T-shirt.

🔗 Compatibility Warning

We recommend contacting our support team before you apply a custom reward to a user. Our support team can help you make sure that:

  • The reward you are looking to give out is compatible with your referral program's specific setup.
  • That the customer has the best experience receiving the custom reward.

🔗 Create a Referral Attribution

🔗 Find Referrer's Code

  1. Navigate to the Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. In the search Box, enter the Referrer's name, email, or SaaSquatch User ID.
  3. When you find the Referrer in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile.
  4. The user's custom referral code will be located in the Referral Details section in the bottom-right, after selection of the correct referral program from the drop-down list of programs available.

Obtain Referral Code

🔗 Apply Referrer's Code to Referred User

  1. After following steps 1-3 above for the Referred User, scroll to the list of referrals for the participant.
  2. Click on the plus+ button to the right.
  3. Enter the referral code of the Referrer into the field. Make sure you are entering the Referrer's code into the Referred User's participant page for the attribution to be associated correctly, ensuring that any applicable rewards are also consistent.
  4. Click the "Add" button.

Add Referral

🔗 Add or Log Event

  1. Scroll to the list of Events for the participant.
  2. Ensure that the Event you wish to send to SaaSquatch is selected from the drop-down menu on the left, and then click on the plus+ button to the right.

Add Purchase Event

  1. Enter the Event details keeping in mind any required fields (such as Purchase Amount or Currency† for purchase events).
  2. Click the "Add" button.

† All purchase amounts, regardless of Currency entered, are converted into USD for the dashboard. It is important to select the correct currency for the purchase to ensure the analytics remain accurate.