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The SaaSquatch portal provides a quick and easy way to help facilitate batch reward fulfillment.

This guide will walk you through the process of providing rewards to your users as part of a semi-manual reward fulfillment process. This is facilitated by the SaaSquatch system's ability to export/import available and redeemed reward balance which allows you to provide users rewards, and keep their reward balances in SaaSquatch updated to reflect this fulfillment.

🔗 Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the Analytics section of the SaaSquatch portal.
  2. Click the Reports link in the sub-header.
  3. Click on the "Create Reports" button on the right-hand side.

🔗 1. Download the Available Balance Report

  1. From the Create Reports page, select the "Available Reward Balances" Report. This will have the SaaSquatch system generate a copy of the current list of available reward balances in your project.
  2. Important: Be sure to select "CSV" in the Reports Format drop-down menu.
  3. You will receive an email notification once the report is ready to download. If you are still on the page, the download will begin automatically when ready.

See our Program Reports guide to learn more about the format of the Available Balances Report, the available fields, and to download an example copy of this report type.

🔗 2. Fulfill the Rewards

Using the information provided in the report, provide each of the users with their rewards in the listed value/unit through your own fulfillment system.

🔗 3. Update Available Balances Report

Once you have provided the desired users in the report with their rewards, this needs to be communicated back to SaaSquatch so that these balances are updated in the user's profile, widget, and for the next time you go to fulfill rewards.

For each user that you provided a reward, include the value of the reward that you provided the user in the empty amountToRedeem column in the report. This will be used to let the SaaSquatch system know that you provided them that much of their available reward balance.

🔗 4. Upload Updated Report

Note: While the Available Reward Balances Report is downloadable in both Excel (.xlsx) and .csv format, imports can only be uploaded in .csv format. Make sure to save any Excel versions of the report in .csv format before attempting to upload them back into SaaSquatch.

All column headers need to be reformatted to have CSV-formatted fields in order for the report to successfully process. e.g. First Name vs firstName

  1. From the Reports page, click on the "Import" option on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. In the page that loads, select "Update Reward Balances" and select the .csv file that you just saved.
  3. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, follow the link to view the process of your import.
  4. If your import was able to be completed successfully, you can download a copy of the result of the import. From here you can confirm the latest balances reflect the correct amounts for each user.
  5. If there were any balances that were unable to be updated, information on each of these will be included in the errors report that will be generated.

🔗 Redemption Notes

  • Reward balances need to be redeemed in the same units (e.g. CENTS or CASH/USD) that the balance is shown in (i.e. Dollars cannot be redeemed in amounts of cents).
  • Only changes to the valueToRedeem field will be processed during an import.
  • Individual rewards within a reward balance will be redeemed in order of when they expire (dateExpires), and then when they were made available to the user (dateGiven).
  • Only rewards with a status of AVAILABLE will be redeemed.
  • Fractions of the fractional unit will be truncated on redemption (e.g. redemption for "10.556 USD" will only redeem "10.55 USD").

🔗 Troubleshooting

🔗 Invalid Redemption Values

Redemptions can only be a positive value, not 0 or a negative number. Submitting 0 will result in a redemption of available values and submitting a negative integer will result in an error.

🔗 CSV Validation Error

If a non-CSV file is uploaded (e.g. Excel), the wizard will not allow you to process this file. An error will pop up stating that the file type is invalid.

Please refer to our sample import file for an example of the correct import file format and headers.