SaaSquatch Help Center

The SaaSquatch Guides show you how to use our tools to create your own world-class referral and loyalty programs.


The SaaSquatch REST API lets you build your own custom logic on top of your referral program.

Read more about our SaaSquatch REST API.


squatch.js is the SaaSquatch JavaScript SDK, and provides an easy way to integrate into your website or web app.

Read more about our Squatch.js Javascript Library.

SaaSquatch & Emails

The SaaSquatch platform enables you to configure when emails are sent to participants throughout the customer life cycle.

Read more about our email functionality.

Custom Short Domains

The SaaSquatch system supports the use of Custom Short Domains which allow you to change the format of the referral links shared by your users.

Read more about our custom short domains.

Referral Security

SaaSquatch's Security Management System protects your program from unwanted referral activity.

Read more about our security management system.

Account Structure

The SaaSquatch system provides flexible options for structuring how participants are grouped in your project.

Read more about our shared vs. solo accounts.

JSON Web Tokens

JSON Web Tokens are used to validate the data being supplied to Referral SaaSquatch in Signed Requests made through squatch.js and Open Endpoints.

Read more about our JWTs.

Blocked Email Domains

SaaSquatch provides the ability to check referrals against a list of suspicious email domains.

Read more about options for blocking email domains.

Program Reports

Downloadable program reports with participant, reward, and referral information.

Read more about the available program reports.

Leveraging your existing Marketo Forms to automatically add Referred Sigunps into your referral program.

Read more about our support for Marketo Forms.

Leveraging your existing Instapage Forms to automatically add Referred Signups into your referral program.

Read more about our support for Instapage Forms.

Custom User Fields

Include custom information about users in your SaaSquatch project.

Read more about the available custom user fields.

User Widget Types

Display different types of widgets to users in your SaaSquatch Program.

Read more about the available widget types.

Custom Rewards Fuel Tank

Provide your program participants with Custom Reward Codes.

Find out more about our Fuel Tank functionality.

User Segmentation

Create and manage intelligent segments of participants within your SaaSquatch project.

Learn more about User Segmentation.

Bulk User Import

Upload users into your SaaSquatch project to create or update user information.

Learn more about our User Import functionality.

Bulk Reward Redemption

Fulfill multiple rewards at once using our batch export/import process.

Learn more about our Bulk Reward Redemption functionality.

Message Links

The SaaSquatch system offers dynamic capability to build share buttons for each of your programs and share mediums.

Learn more about Message Link functionality.