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Provide your Growth Automation Program participants with Custom Reward Codes.

SaaSquatch enables you to provide unique reward codes to program participants as a reward option. This feature provides a simplified way of handing out rewards as well as easy coupon bank management. Fuel Tank codes can also support a wide range of eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce.

🔗 Flexible Support

Many of today's online commerce platforms provide users with the ability to export bulk discount codes. The SaaSquatch Custom Rewards Fuel Tank feature enables you to import those discount codes into your SaaSquatch program. With the SaaSquatch Fuel Tank, you are able to provide users with rewards from nearly any subscription or eCommerce platform with the ability to generate and export discount coupon codes.

The following are examples of platforms supported by the Custom Rewards Fuel Tank feature:


🔗 Seamless User Experience

The SaaSquatch system will automatically provide users with their Custom Reward Code at the correct time and place. For participants of referral programs, this can be either through email or the Referral Widget.

🔗 Referred User

The reward code for the Referred User is often intended to be used during their initial checkout.

The SaaSquatch Referred User Widget can be configured to display the chosen discount code to the Referred User on your referral program's landing page, or during checkout to ensure the Referred User receives their reward at the correct time.

Once a Referred User has signed up and becomes a customer they will be able to make their own referrals from the Referrer Widget.

🔗 Referrer

A Referrer will typically earn a reward when someone they have successfully referred to your platform pays for your product/service.

When this happens the Referrer will be automatically notified of their successful referral via email and be provided with their unique discount coupon to use in your platform.

This successful referral will also be displayed in the Referrer Widget.

From this Referrer Widget your users are able to interact with the program to share their referral and track the progress of their in-progress referrals.

🔗 Loyalty Users

In addition to referral rewards, Fuel Tank codes can be used as an incentive or reward for many of our Growth Automation Programs. Examples include:

  • Rewarding a user with a coupon code for completing their profile
  • If a user hasn't made a purchase in X days, our platform can send them a coupon code as a nudge to return to your site as part of our Win-Back Program.
  • Or you can use it to provide frequent users of your site with a coupon code using our VIP Program
  • Send them a coupon code on their birthday to help them celebrate.
  • Our Regional Signup Program allows you to send coupon codes to users in specific regions allowing for targeted marketing campaigns.

Coupon codes are a useful reward that can be applied effectively to all of our Growth Automation Programs. Click here for a complete list of available programs.

🔗 Powerful Coupon Management

Through the SaaSquatch Admin Portal you and your team have the ability to upload, delete, and manage the discount coupons that you are providing as your referral program rewards. You can also track which coupon has been given to which program participant, and cancel their reward if needed.

🔗 Code Uploads

The SaaSquatch Custom Rewards Fuel Tank Code Importer supports the ability to import codes in a wide range of file formats, and which utilize a range of different characters:

  • Supported File Formats - .csv, .xlsx, .ods,.tsv, and newline seperated .txt).
  • Supported Characters - A-Z,a-z,0-9, as well as - and _.

The Fuel Tank codes do not need to be the only contents of the file you upload, but all the codes you wish to import need to be in the same column in that sheet (and be the only contents of that column).

An example of what the format of your import CSV should look like can be found here.