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Learn about deleting a participant from your SaaSquatch project.

The SaaSquatch system supports the ability to delete participants from within your SaaSquatch project using various methods.

🔗 What Gets Deleted

The SaaSquatch system will delete all PII that has been stored for a specific user within the SaaSquatch system, and its subprocessors.

You can retrieve a full list of the PII stored in the SaaSquatch system for a specific user using the Lookup Using PII API method.

🔗 Knock-On

When a user is deleted from the SaaSquatch system there can be a knock-on effect across the system as the result of information that used to be there, no longer being there.

Some high profile examples of this include:

Sharelinks -- When a participant is deleted, all of their PII including their referral codes are deleted as well. Although there is an exception since their sharelinks are not deleted, only the user's association with the link is. Any of the deleted user's sharelinks that are still in the wild will no longer attribute a referral, but will still redirect the Referred Visitor to your program's configured landing page, unless the link is reclaimed by another user.

Referrals -- If a user is deleted and they have either been referred, or made referrals themself, this will impact the display of referrals in the widget of other users. In these cases the referral will remain intact, and the user on the other side of the referral will retain their rewards. The only visual difference will be that the referral will now display as having come from an anonymous user.


The SaaSquatch Participant Deletion functionality is fully compliant with the requirements for user deletion as outlined by GDPR.

Once a request to delete a user has been received, the SaaSquatch system will delete all PII about the user stored within SaaSquatch, and it's subprocessors, within 30 days.

Please contact our support team is you have any additional questions about SaaSquatch's compliance with data protection and privacy policy.

🔗 Do Not Track

Do not track is an augmentation of the participant deletion functionality. When deleting a user in the SaaSquatch system you can choose to also mark the user to not be tracked. Once a user has been marked to no longer be tracked, subsequent attempts to register the user in the SaaSquatch system will result in the user not being re-created.

🔗 Participant Deletion Quickstart


The SaaSquatch REST API provides two methods to delete users:

  1. Delete an account. Use this method to delete an account, and all the users on it.
  2. Delete a user. Use this method to delete a user on an account without deleting the account itself.

🔗 SaaSquatch Portal

  1. Navigate to the profile of the User you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button beneath their name.
  3. If you are sure you wish to delete this user, click continue.
  4. Choose whether you would like to mark this user to not be tracked again in the future (blocks them from being re-registered on this account).
  5. Click the final confirmation Delete button if you are sure you would like to delete this user.

The user is now deleted from your SaaSquatch program.