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squatch.js is the SaaSquatch JavaScript SDK and a one-stop shop to integrate a SaaSquatch program into your website or web app.

🔗 squatch.js Version 2

Version 2 of our Squatch.js JavaScript SDK is built using the latest JavaScript and web standards, including being fully HTML5 compliant. The flexibility of the Squatch.js Version 2 Library enables a wide range of functionality such as:

We recommend that all implementations use Squatch.js Version 2 to take advantage of these amazing features.

Get started with our Squatch.js Version 2 Library using our easy-to-follow Quickstart Guide.

The Squatch.js Version 2 technical reference includes details about, and examples for, all the available methods.

🔗 Infrastructure Ready

We have built Squatch.js Version 2 to to make use of the Universal Module Definition (UMD) API for JavaScript modules. This allows us to provide compatibilty for the latest modules which run in the client, on the server, or elsewhere (ES6, CommonJS, SystemJS, and AMD, to name just a few).

Squatch.js Version 2 also provides support for being easily included into your platform using a wide range of build tools such as Browserify, Webpack, NPM, and Babel.

🔗 squatch.js Version 1


V1 is no longer recommended. Please use Squatch.js V2 as it is the only version that supports all up-to-date use cases.

🔗 Which version am I currently using?

If you started using SaaSquatch before November 2016 you are using Version 1. The following examples should help you identify which version of squatch.js you are using in your product:

Squatch.js Version 2 Example
          tenantAlias: 'test_bpinhag9yagag'
          id: '5678',
          accountId: 'abc',
          email: '',
          firstName: 'Bob'
Squatch.js Version 1 Example
window._sqh = window._sqh | [];
  tenant_alias: 'test_bpinhag9yagag',
  user_id: '5678',
  account_id: 'abc',
  email: '',
  first_name: 'Bob'

We recommend that all customers on V1 update to V2 as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team who will be more than happy to help.