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SaaSquatch supports the use of Custom Short Domains which allow you to change the format of the referral links shared by your users. Instead of the standard link format you can create your own

Custom short domains support secure link generation through HTTPS, which requires an HTTPS certificate. SaaSquatch will automatically issue and manage this certificate for you.

🔗 Requirements:

The main requirement for being able to make use of a Custom Short Domain is having access to a dedicated domain or subdomain for use with the referral program. The domain you want to use for Custom Short Domains cannot already be in use.

For example, if you are already using for your website, you cannot re-use this as your Custom Short Domain. Instead, a subdomain like or should be used. You can also make use of another domain like or

🔗 Step 1: Pick your Domain

Confirm which domain or subdomain you want to use, making sure that it conforms to the restrictions outlined above.

🔗 Step 2: Setup Domain CNAME or A Records

To point your chosen domain at SaaSquatch's URL shortener service, you will need to create or modify the DNS record for your chosen domain.

There are two options for doing this, which depend on the domain that you have chosen:

CNAME record: If your chosen domain is a subdomain of a domain that you own, like then you will need to create a CNAME record in your DNS configuration that points to

A records: If your chosen domain is an "apex" domain without a subdomain, like or you will need to create A records in your DNS configuration, as most DNS management systems do not allow CNAME records to be added for the apex domain. Please contact the Success Team to obtain the destination IP addresses for your A records.

A change to a domain’s A or CNAME records can take anywhere from minutes all the way up to 24 hours to take effect. If after 24 hours there is still no change then the A or CNAME records were not changed correctly and is not pointing at the right location.

🔗 Step 3: Short Domain Request

At this point, you will need to contact our Success Team, and provide the following two pieces of information:

  1. Your chosen custom short domain
  2. Whether you will require HTTPS short links

This step is required as SaaSquatch will need to configure your domain in our shortener service and if you request HTTPS short links, there will be an additional DNS CNAME record which will be provided to you for addition to your DNS to verify the creation of the automatically managed SSL certificate.

🔗 Step 4: Testing DNS Record Change

Once your custom short domain has been configured for use in the shortener service, you can perform a test to ensure that your new custom domain is working as expected.

To test whether the DNS records have been changed correctly, take a working referral link from your program with the existing SaaSquatch Short Domain, like, and remove our domain and substitute in your own. This should leave you with a URL that looks something like

If this new link takes you to the landing page that was set for the tenant then your DNS records are correctly setup. If the link does not take you to your tenant’s landing page allow for the full 24 hours needed to reflect the DNS record changes. If after 24 hours the link still doesn’t work then the DNS records have not been set correctly.

🔗 Step 5: Inform SaaSquatch for Final Setup

Only once the DNS records are setup correctly can we make the necessary changes on our end to move forward with setting up your Custom Short Domain. Make sure you have correctly completed Step 3 otherwise all the links generated going forward will be broken.

With the DNS records set correctly, contact a member of the success team so that SaaSquatch can change your program to make use of this Custom Short Domain and enable HTTPS link generation if requested.

SaaSquatch will notify you when the changes on our end are complete and final testing and validation can begin.

🔗 Step 6: Verify

As a precaution, we will make the change to the new Custom Short Domain on your Test tenant before making changes to the Live Tenant.

Confirm with a member of the SaaSquatch Success team that the new links in your Test tenant are being generated correctly.

🔗 Step 7: Launch!

With confirmation from you that the new links in the Test tenant are working we will push the Custom Short Domain changes to the Live tenant.

Congratulations, you are now live with your own Custom Short Domain!

🔗 Please note:

Existing referral links in the wild that make use of our short domain, like, will still work as they always have. The change is that new links being generated, or exposed in the widget, will be with the Custom Short Domain you have chosen.