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The content displayed in SaaSquatch program widgets and microsites comes from our component packages. Learn more about the various components you can use when building these out.

The table below shows which components are available and how we categorize them in the widget editor and microsite editor interfaces. If you want to learn more about our component packages at a general level, see End User Experiences.

Category Components
  • Conditional section on segment
  • Conditional section on custom field
  • Program section
  • Points balance
  • Gift card earned
  • Referrals
  • Container with three stats
Common Components
  • Brand container
  • Two column hero image
  • Overlay hero image
  • Image
  • Program explainer
  • Program explainer step
  • Program timeline
  • Timeline entry
  • User name display
  • Task card feed
  • Reward table
  • Reward table customer note column
  • Reward table date column
  • Rewards table reward column
  • Reward table source column
  • Reward table status column
  • One time task card
  • Repeatable task card
  • Event sending task card
  • Reward Exchange
Microsite components (only useable for microsites)
  • Form checkbox field
  • Form dropdown field
  • Form input field
  • Form name fields
  • Sidebar item
  • Form password field
  • Two column hero layout
  • Row layout container
  • Column layout container
  • Tab
  • Generic tab group
  • Titled section
  • Referral card
  • Referral table
  • Referral table date column
  • Referral table rewards column
  • Referral table status column
  • Referral table user column
  • Facebook share button
  • Twitter share button
  • Email share button
  • Web share sheet share button
  • LinkedIn share button
  • SMS share button
  • Facebook Messenger share button
  • WhatsApp share button
  • Line Messenger share button
  • Pinterest share button
  • Share code
  • Share link
PayPal Components
  • PayPal Account Details
  • Referral Table Rewards Column
  • Reward Table Status Column
  • Paragraph
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Heading 4
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