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We try our best to ensure backwards compatibility of our products, but sometimes we have to launch breaking changes. Our policy is to notify customers first by emailing our Breaking Changes list and posting details on this page.

Breaking Change Policy

Our first priority is to make sure that our products don't change so that nobody has to spend time updating their integrations. In some cases, we have to make backwards incompatible changes.

  • We try to maintain backwards compatibility for customers as long as possible.
  • When we remove functionality, existing customers may be "grandfathered" in to existing behaviour and only new customers get the new behaviour.
  • If a breaking change can be rolled out slowly, we start disabing the feature for a portion of traffic before turning it off completely.
  • Announcements for breaking changes are sent via email.

Subscribe to Breaking Changes

We will notify you when breaking changes are announced, and send periodic reminders before they take effect.

Upcoming Changes

In 65 Days


Changes to event retention period coming October 2022

We’re making some changes to how we handle event retention.

All the events that you send us about your users are stored in multiple locations. We use fast database lookups to serve queries about events in our API and our Admin Portal, and duplicate this data into long-term database storage for analytics. Currently there are no restrictions on how long events remain available for fast lookups.

Starting October 17, 2022, this is changing—events older than two years will only be retained in long-term storage.

Impacts to you

  1. Events older than two years will no longer be accessible via API or visible in the Participants page in the Admin Portal.
  2. Reward retraction and refunds will only be possible if the reward you want to retract/refund is based on an event less than two years old. Because retractions/refunds require the original event, they can't be processed using the copy of the event that remains in long-term storage.

New report available for historical data

Don’t worry—your older data isn’t going anywhere! We’ve created a new report type to make sure you can still access your historical data. You’ll now be able to run an Event Export report and download event data in CSV or JSONL format.

The new report will be available starting October 17. Here’s how to run it:

  1. Go to the SaaSquatch Admin Portal.
  2. Click Analytics in the top menu bar.
  3. Click the Reports tab.
  4. Click the Create Report button.
  5. Under the Choose a Report Type heading, click User Event Export.
  6. Add filters or custom parameters if needed.
  7. Click Create Report. And that’s it!

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