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Work together with SaaSquatch to customize your referral program's widget and emails to match your brand.

Custom theme example

Please note: This article relates to the custom theming functionality with involvement from the SaaSquatch team. Basic theming, design, and message changes for programs on our Growth Automation platform are available directly within the SaaSquatch admin portal within the configuration for each specific program.

Please contact SaaSquatch Success if you have any further questions about customizing the design of your program.

🔗 Getting Started with Custom Themes

Both our Enterprise and Managed plans include the option to have SaaSquatch assist with customizing your referral program's theme to match your brand.

Our Success Team will work with you and your designers to create a customized referral experience for your customers.

🔗 Widget Design Information

There is a wide range of customization that can be made to your referral program's widget and emails.

The following sections outline the types of customization options and the requirements that go into customizing a referral program.

🔗 Asset requirements:
Element Options Example
  • 4:1 - 3:1 ratio image.
  • Seperate images for mobile and desktop should be optimized for their size
  • SVG file format
  • Icon dimentions with 1:1 ratio
Email Facebook Twitter
  • Font file required if not free on Google Fonts
  • .ttf and .otf format files required
  • Widget: Heading, Body, CTA
  • Share: Default email, Facebook, and Twitter messaging
  • Email: Subject, Header, Body, CTA, Footer
  • HTML Hex Color Code e.g. #008000
  • Please make sure to include any custom highlight, and hover option colours
  • Note: Social Media icons must comply with design standard from the social media platform
  • 3 or 4 Share buttons
  • Share buttons with or without text
  • Standard pop-up and embedded widgets are 500px wide
  • Width can be configured for custom size
  • Fully responsive and scale seamlessly onto mobile devices
  • Mobile layout configured to display at 499px and below by default
Widget Mockups
  • Include mobile and desktop views if required for widget
  • Include details about hover view customization requirements
  • Assets in mockup should be 1:1 scale, production-ready, assets
  • Copy of brand style guide
  • .sketch Sketch format files
  • .ai Adobe Illustrator format files

  • A reference .ai template for our default theme is available from our Success Team upon request.

Email Templates
  • Can match to existing email designs using source HTML/CSS template for existing email

🔗 Advanced Customization Options

SaaSquatch widgets are based on standard HTML and web components. This makes extending the SaaSquatch widget experience possible for web developers familiar with these web technologies.

If you're familiar with web components, then see our article about how to write your own web components for use in SaaSquatch.