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Referral SaaSquatch provides a mobile-responsive widget that can be embedded directly into your iOS or Android. The widget allows your users to refer friends, track the status of their referrals, and see the rewards earned from referrals.

Mobile Widget example

🔗 Mobile Referral Marketing

With mobile devices an ever-present fixture of modern life, keeping up on mobile marketing trends is more important than ever. When looking to improve customer acquisition rates, customer conversions and retention rates, fine tuning how your audience interacts via their mobile device is key to maximizing your revenue.

By investing mobile marketing platforms that prioritize user experience, personalization and understanding consumer psychology, your brand will see improved results through its mobile channels.

Referral SaaSquatch recognizes the importance of interacting efficiently with users on mobile devices. We provide options for connecting with your users through a wide range of mobile channels. Our mobile-responsive widget can easily be embedded into any mobile app to provide a one-stop-shop for your users to participate in your referral program.

🔗 Features

The mobile referral widget provides all the pieces required to track referrals:

  • Identify Users and Generate Links: If this is the first time a user with the given userId or accountId has been seen when the widget is loaded then their user record, a referral code and referral links will be created. If a user record already exists then their record will be updated. Read more on identification.
  • Attribute Referrals: If a value is passed in for the referralCode field and this user has not been previously referred, then a referral will be created. Read more on attribution.
  • Convert Accounts: If the value of accountStatus is updated to PAID then any in-progress referrals will be marked as complete. Read more on [conversion].(/success/core-topics/#Conversion/).
  • Secure Access: The checksum optional field can be included to turn on Signed Requests and protect against unauthenticated data access.

🔗 Customization & Examples

Mobile widgets take full advantage of the Referral SaaSquatch theme system, so they can be completely customized to match your brand, theme, style, colors, fonts, animations and more. By default, standard themes come with a mobile-responsive template based upon Bootstrap 3, but custom themes like those used in the Shoeboxed referral program shown here can be customized complete with tabbed navigation.

🔗 Additional Resources

To find out how your customers interact with referral programs, please check out our article on Referral Marketing Channels.

More information about the sharing options your customers have, and how you can customize that experience can also be found in our success centre.

The technical reference for our mobile widget can be found in our developer docs.