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Referral SaaSquatch supports free trials. By default, referral credit is given once a new user has completed their trial and paid their first invoice.

🔗 How do referrals work with free trials?

Our default referral program behaviour is to not consider a referral complete until a referred customer has completed a trial and paid their first invoice. Referrers can see which of their friends have signed up for a trial or paid, so that it is clear when their referral credit will be earned.

🔗 How does Referral SaaSquatch track trials?

Most subscription billing systems support free trials as a first-order concept. Since our payment system connectors work directly with your payment system API, we can use those APIs to detect when a user is on a trial and when they have paid.

🔗 What if my trial users aren't in Stripe or Recurly etc.?

We support you! If your trial users or free users don't exist in your payment system, just remember to set payment_provider: null when you identify your users in squatch.js 'init'.

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